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Edmonton Infill Home Generates Surplus Energy Three Years in a Row

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Building Lasting Impressions

Creating refined, energy efficient homes that last for years to come.

Effect Home Builders are a team of custom home builders based out of Edmonton, Alberta. With a focus on enduring, timeless aesthetics and minimal impact on the environment, Effect Home Builders creates sustainable, beautiful and lasting custom homes. Homes that reflect who you are and how you choose to live. We offer the best priced custom homes that are also fitted with renewable energy & Net Zero technology, which allow your new home to give as much energy as it receives! Learn more about how we build lasting impressions in your home, as well as our partnership with Mike Holmes. Read about Holmes Approved homes on our Holmes Approved page, and the latest news about our green homes on our news page.

Custom Home Builders in Edmonton

Effect Home Builders bring a superior level of sustainability and environmental awareness to all projects. Our homes are designed and built to be unique, and we are proud to be leaders in the design and construction of Net Zero Energy Homes.

Learn more about our custom home building services.

Net Zero Energy Homes

The benefits of Net Zero Energy homes are numerous: for homeowners, their utility costs plummet; for the environment, there is reduced demand on traditional carbon energy sources; for electrical grids, Net Zero Energy homes can actually add generation capacity and lower the overall load.

The Belgravia Green project – three custom homes built and designed by Effect Home Builders – showcases ┬áthe integration of efficiency and state of the art solar technologies.

Learn more about Net Zero Energy homes.

Environmental Consciousness

By integrating technologies that make our homes more efficient, we reduce the impact our homes have on the environment. The combined reduction in consumption from environmentally-aware and Net Zero Energy homes can be staggering; we strive to lead our industry in the design and deployment of these innovative new technologies.

Learn more about how green technologies can be integrated into your custom home.

Belgravia Green

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The Prairie Lookout

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Emerson House

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