Important Things You Should Look For When Buying an Eco-Friendly Home

We’re at a point in time where eco friendly homes deserve your attention.

These homes uses less energy, they are built with sustainable materials, and they also lend to present a healthy environment, so you can enjoy a healthier life!

In addition, the prices of eco friendly homes in most market are often comparable to most of the average homes: A few years ago it was a different story! Back then these homes require a premium of 11 to 25 percent on top of the average house. Thankfully, as technology has evolved and become more commonly adapted, they are no longer just a far-off dream in the future: They’re here!

Here are my tips for you to consider if you want to purchase an such a home!

  • You’ll want to work with a buyer’s agent specialized in eco-friendly homes, a designated as eco broker, or find a team of home builders who specialize in this niche of house. Working with the right person on this particular real estate market will provide you with the right details and help you in choosing a home that has the best green features, without breaking your bank!
  • There are many eco-friendly homes that have a “GREEN” rating. Since this rating system is newly introduced, it may not be easy to find homes that have ratings, but don’t fret if the house you fall in love with isn’t certified GREEN! Even if you cannot find a home with green ratings, it is important that you know what a home with eco friendly features looks like.
  • Functional windows are good. You’ll find the best eco friendly homes are designed to make the most of mother nature. They’ll be designed to capture sunlight during the winter months to help regulate your house’s temperature (especially if you live in a cold city like Edmonton, Alberta).
  • Ceiling fans are a plus in cooling the home – and the best home builders factor in how to keep your property cool during those warmer months!
  • You’ll want to make sure there’s a system that will allow hot air to escape – the best eco friendly homes are designed to act like a normal house would, in terms of regulation. They just use technology to reduce your carbon footprint!
  • If you buy an eco-friendly home, make sure to have a conversation with the home builder or agent! Check out the areas of a home designed with landscaping in mind. Often you’ll find these houses were designed so if you want to plant anything, you’ll need to be aware of where you optimal positions are.
  • Check to see if there is a drip irrigation system, or something that can help you leverage rainwater. If the location of the home doesn’t get much rain, it would be unwise to have a large lawn area, for example. If you’re in the desert, you may not get the lush green lawns, but you’ll be making a difference!
  • Make sure to inquire about there are appliances if they come in your home. Most eco friendly homes were built with appliances and brands in mind that lend to the over-all mission of your home.
  • See if the windows are located on the north and south facing sides of the home. Properly positioned windows will prevent your home being heated by the sun during morning and evening hours.
  • Eco friendly homes make use of winds for natural cooling so give attention to the orientation of the home. See if you can make use of the prevailing winds when you open the windows. Windows positioned on opposite walls brings good cross ventilation.
  • Lastly, some additional items that may be ideal for making your home more Eco friendly are solar panels, wind turbines, or any other renewable energy source.

Remember that you can update some of these items easily and change yourself. At the end of the day, above all, always consider the overall construction of the home. Chances are it was designed a specific way for a reason!

If you would like to learn more about what we do, make sure to check out our eco friendly homes.

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