Modern materials, old-fashioned charm

Mackenzie The latest green technology gives this charming 1930s replica superior energy efficiency. The Plan We wanted to build a Craftsman-style home that would look every bit as mature as the towering evergreen trees lining the established ravine community in which it is situated. In order to accomplish that we had to carefully think about […]

RADON – The Invisible Threat to Indoor Health

As winter approaches, most of us will be spending a lot more time indoors, in homes that are sealed up from the cooling temperatures outside. But just how healthy is the air that we’re breathing in? The summer months brought us wildfire smoke, which at least we can visibly see as “dirty”. There is another […]

Air Tightness – Why is it important?

Air Tight, Healthy Home

One of the most overlooked conditions of homes is how air tight they are.  Both new and renovated buildings are prone to problems if high levels of air-tightness aren’t prioritized.  By ensuring that this detail is properly attended to, the results are healthy buildings, but even more importantly, healthy home owners. Humidity An air tight […]

Dry Basements – Simple but Important!

Dimple membrane protects the foundation

Home’s keep us safe, comfortable, and healthy. This is why dry basements are so important. If a basement allows moisture to penetrate, mould is likely to form, causing an unhealthy breathing area.

Is it safe to breathe in your home?


Due to the current COVID pandemic, most people are spending more time indoors in their own homes.  Because of this, there has been an increase in interest of how healthy our homes really are.  Air quality has now become a trending topic, as the coronavirus is transmitted via airborne particles.  With all of this focus […]