6 Easy Ways To Take Care Of Your Home

Mike Holmes

By Mike Holmes I’ve been a contractor for almost 40 years, and it drives me crazy to see homeowners neglect small home repair projects and let them become major issues that can sometimes compromise the structural integrity of your home. I don’t want you to start DIY projects around the house that you should really […]

Readying Your Home for Fall and Winter

Is Your House Ready for Winter?

Here at Effect Home Builders, we understand better than most that your house is treasured, loved, and even part of your family’s story. As such, it’s important to look after it as best you can, and that’s never more crucial than in the run up to winter. Alberta’s harsh winters require a bit of preparation […]

Things to do during the winter in Edmonton, Alberta

Are you wondering what is there to do in Edmonton during the winter? Relax! The word ‘plenty’ may not even be enough to describe various thrilling activities (both indoor and outdoor) that can doubtlessly leave you with a memorable winter season. There are over a hundred activities that you can exploit across the Edmonton winter […]