Leading the way in energy production

Belgravia Green A hard working, net zero energy home in an older neighbourhood producing energy for its owners, now and long into the future. Net Zero Energy Video Belgravia Green Virtual Tour The Plan We challenged ourselves to build a net zero energy home in a mature neighbourhood at a time when this concept was […]

Federal-style brought to life in the West

Luxury custom kitchen in Effect Home's custom build. Lots of white cabinets and stainless steel appliances

Beauvert The Beauvert is inspired by Federal architecture, popular in the Eastern United States during the early 1800s. This choice of style is rarely seen in Western North America as it pre-dates prairie construction. It required special attention to the historical details of the style so as to reproduce it as faithfully as possible. The […]

Modern materials, old-fashioned charm

Mackenzie The latest green technology gives this charming 1930s replica superior energy efficiency. The Plan We wanted to build a Craftsman-style home that would look every bit as mature as the towering evergreen trees lining the established ravine community in which it is situated. In order to accomplish that we had to carefully think about […]

A modern home with character to rival its historic neighbours

The Eagle’s Nest The Eagle’s Nest may only be a young infill in the established Garneau neighbourhood, but what it lacks in history it makes up in stylish personality. The Plan The owners were travelling to downtown and Whyte Avenue for everything from dance lessons to dinner date nights. They wanted to live in a […]

Bringing the best of West Coast design to Edmonton

The Eaton  This striking example of contemporary West Coast style architecture makes excellent use of exterior patios to create a connection between inside and outside entertaining areas. The Plan When the owners had an opportunity to build a new home in the Highlands neighbourhood in which one of them had grown up, and actually on […]

A local icon for West Coast design

The Poole Renovation   This design and architectural landmark in Edmonton which is featured in the book, “Capital Modern: Edmonton Architecture and Modern Design 1940-1969” is credited with helping shape the city’s modernist design movement back in the sixties. An extensive renovation restored the home with energy efficient upgrades, while at the same time respecting […]

Solid design born from original vision

Skyline The Skyline Home is built with structurally superior reinforcements. What the home’s envelope brings in elevated strength, the interior matches in increased efficiency. The Plan The homeowner wanted to build a contemporary two storey home that looked and felt completely solid and yet on the inside would create a warm living space with beautiful […]

Edmonton’s first commercial building disconnected from the electrical grid

Artist rendering of extensive energy retrofit and renovation of Edmonton building for new Effect Home Builders headquarters

Our Office An extensive energy retrofit transformed a 70-year-old, energy-guzzling apartment into one of the most efficient office buildings in the city. The Plan We wanted a space where homeowners would feel comfortable sharing with us their needs and dreams and which would allow ideas to take shape as they collaborated with our team to […]

Soaking Up The Sun

Idylwylde Net Zero Infused with artistic flair, this net zero energy home produces all the energy needed for the home PLUS powers two electric cars! The Plan Clear priorities from the start helped set the stage for this enjoyable project. The challenge was to create a net zero energy home that produces its own clean […]

Personifying a Modern Lifestyle

The Garneau Home Functionality and fun coexist in the Garneau Home with daring design features you won’t find anywhere else. The Plan The Garneau owners wanted a refuge that combined the family’s hobbies with solutions for simplified daily living. Their home needed to be functional and low maintenance so they would have more time to […]

Does Your Sump Pump Have a Backup?

Protect Your Basement! Most homes have a drainage system around the perimeter of the basement. This continuous pipe collects water that drains through the ground above and allows it to flow to a collection reservoir known as the sump. Without this system, water will accumulate outside of the basement walls, placing constant pressure, looking for […]

Do Batteries Make Sense for Homes in Alberta?

Effect Off-Grid Office Batteries

Change is happening.  More and more the world is moving towards a low-carbon energy future.  With the increasing use of renewable energy in our electrical grid, plus advances in transition to Hydrogen fuel, our homes could soon be energized in a very different way than we see today. Let’s look at how we use energy […]

Perfect Time For Solar?

Belgravia Green solar panels on roof of custom net zero home by Effect Home Builders

Now may be the perfect time to install solar based on environmental, economic, suitability and incentive considerations.

Net Zero Home Produces Energy for Home AND Electric Car!

Idylwylde Net Zero Home

Achieving Net Zero Energy for a house can be a challenge.  But what about when more than the house that needs energy?  Is it possible to generate enough renewable electricity to supply all the energy needs for a home and electric vehicle?  The simple answer is “Yes, it can be done”, even in an urban […]

The Influence HVAC Plays in Net-Zero Homes

When most people think about net-zero homes, they usually think of solar panels and battery storage systems. However, creating a net-zero home is a holistic process that must take into account a wide variety of materials and technologies. HVAC systems (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) can play a particularly important role in reducing your home’s […]

A Look at Canada’s Renewable Energy Generation [Fall 2019]

A Look At Canada's Renewable Energy Mix

Whenever the subject of energy production in Canada comes up, most people immediately think about oil and gas (especially in Alberta). However, Canada’s natural resources go far beyond fossil fuels. Our vast country is also home to 24% of the world’s boreal forest, and 20% of the world’s freshwater resources. Canada Has… Many of our […]

Three Alternatives to the Tesla Powerwall

3 Alternatives to Tesla Powerwall

All across Canada, renewable energy is becoming a priority. Home and business owners alike are undertaking green renovations to save money and protect the environment, and concepts like the solar energy battery bank can make it easier to do both. Tesla’s Powerwall (now in its second iteration) is one of the most recognizable solar energy […]

Building Our Off-Grid Net-Zero Office

Effect Home Builders off-grid net-zero office

Finding the Right Property Converting an existing property into an off-grid, solar-cogen-powered building is a big project, and we knew the costs could add up quickly if we weren’t careful. To save time and money, we looked for a property that would allow us to make the necessary changes as smoothly as possible. The following […]

How Advancements in Renewable Energy Generation Are Already Benefiting Us at Home

Rooftop Solar Panels

We all want to reduce our carbon footprint and save money. One easy way for homeowners to achieve this goal is to invest in solar panels, home batteries, and proper insulation. Together these three technologies work together to bring you closer to achieving a net-zero home– a home that produces as much electricity as it […]

New Office Building Deep Energy Retrofit

Off the Grid Office: Rendition

Is the grass greener on the other side? In this case, yes! We’ve purchased the neighbouring lot to our current office and starting a deep energy retrofit of the building to create our newer, greener office space! Our renovation will turn this old apartment building into one of the most energy-efficient workplaces in Edmonton. Before […]

How Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF’s) Benefit Homeowners

Insulated Concrete Forms

Long-term value, energy efficiency, comfort, and safety – four important factors we look for when purchasing a home. Every homeowner is different and weighs the importance of each factor differently. But one thing is consistent amongst all buyers; these factors are a necessity. With that being said, achieving these benefits must be expensive and difficult, […]

Reduce Your AC Bill This Summer: Four Ways to Cool Your Home Without Using Power

Summertime in Edmonton can be scorching, but simply turning up the air conditioning isn’t always the most economical solution. We’re here to help you discover a few practical ways to cool your home without using power so that you can relax and enjoy being inside this summer. Window Management Correctly utilizing your windows is key […]

Enjoy First Taste of Net Zero Living at Eco-Solar Tour this Weekend

The 18th annual Eco-Solar Home Tour is this weekend (June 3 and 4) in Edmonton. Join us at the Belgravia Green Net Zero Energy Home located at 11536-74 Avenue on Sunday June 4th from noon to 4pm for a taste of net zero living! EAT WHEN DONE How do you create promotional materials for a […]

The Tesla Solar Roof: A Good Option for Albertans?

3 Alternatives to Tesla Powerwall

Back in January we wrote about how Alberta is a great place for solar power generation. With the recent unveiling of the Tesla Solar Roof, we thought we would revisit the subject of rooftop solar and discuss whether or not rooftop solar – and the Tesla Solar Roof in particular – is a viable option […]

Taking a Simple Approach to Energy Efficiency

Last month we spoke to the Edmonton Journal about the Belgravia home and its efficiency credentials. Specifically, we talked about how the Belgravia is a home that “just works” despite its efficient build. Today, we thought we’d talk about the elephant in the room (when it comes to efficient homes): simplicity, and specifically, why it’s […]

Upcoming Advancements Set to Further Improve Home Energy Efficiency

As one of Canada’s leading builders of green, energy-efficient homes – and one of Western Canada’s only net-zero home builders – we are very interested in new technologies and developments in the space. We are quite excited by the pace of change. From solar power, to material design, to energy storage, the industries that play […]

Is Alberta a Good Place to Have Solar Panels On Your Home?

Provincial Grants for Solar Panels in Alberta

Yes!  For a variety of reasons, Alberta is a great place to have solar panels on your home.  In this blog post, we will discuss why this is the case. Sunniest Province in Canada First of all, Alberta has the distinction of being one of the sunniest places in Canada, and even the world.  This is naturally […]

What is a Net Zero Energy Home?

Belgravia Green Net-Zero Home

As the world moves toward more sustainable building and manufacturing processes, we are starting to enter a metaphoric “golden age” of sustainable construction. We aren’t going to get into the politics of it – frankly, that’s way outside our scope – but we thought we’d chime in on the value and capability offered by a […]

Eco-Solar Home Tour a Huge Success!

More than 3000 people attended the Eco-Solar Home Tour this year, which is about 1000 more than last year! It was held on Saturday May 30 and Sunday May 31. Participants were able to experience a wide range of energy-efficient, sustainable homes first hand. Experts were on site to answer questions. Thank you to all […]

Eco-Solar Tour

Effect was pleased to have two homes in the free Eco-Solar Home Tour on Saturday June 1 from noon to 4pm. Both the Belgravia Green Net Zero Energy Home located at 11536 – 74 Avenue, Edmonton and the ultra-efficient duplex located at 6226-106 Street, Edmonton saw huge crowds during the event. There were 12 fabulous homes on the […]