Leading the way in energy production

Belgravia Green A hard working, net zero energy home in an older neighbourhood producing energy for its owners, now and long into the future. Net Zero Energy Video Belgravia Green Virtual Tour The Plan We challenged ourselves to build a net zero energy home in a mature neighbourhood at a time when this concept was […]

Soaking Up The Sun

Idylwylde Net Zero Infused with artistic flair, this net zero energy home produces all the energy needed for the home PLUS powers two electric cars! The Plan Clear priorities from the start helped set the stage for this enjoyable project. The challenge was to create a net zero energy home that produces its own clean […]

Net Zero Home Produces Energy for Home AND Electric Car!

Idylwylde Net Zero Home

Achieving Net Zero Energy for a house can be a challenge.  But what about when more than the house that needs energy?  Is it possible to generate enough renewable electricity to supply all the energy needs for a home and electric vehicle?  The simple answer is “Yes, it can be done”, even in an urban […]

Edmonton Infill Home Generates Surplus Energy Three Years in a Row

A Net-Zero-Energy home built in Belgravia in 2012 has achieved what it was designed to do—and then some. Effect Home Builders built the home on spec as a demonstration that a net‑zero‑energy home was possible in Edmonton’s climate. The statement was a success, with the home generating a surplus of energy the last three years […]

Net-Zero FAQ: Answering Five Common Questions About Building and Owning a Net-Zero Home

Belgravia Green Net-Zero Home

As one of western Canada’s premier net-zero home builders, we pay particular attention to this ever-evolving space. As Canada begins to make serious inroads into greenhouse gas reduction, with an eye-focused eye on sustainability and environmental awareness, more Canadians are beginning to look at energy-efficient and net-zero homes as realistic options. Naturally, questions arise regarding […]

Enjoy First Taste of Net Zero Living at Eco-Solar Tour this Weekend

The 18th annual Eco-Solar Home Tour is this weekend (June 3 and 4) in Edmonton. Join us at the Belgravia Green Net Zero Energy Home located at 11536-74 Avenue on Sunday June 4th from noon to 4pm for a taste of net zero living! EAT WHEN DONE How do you create promotional materials for a […]

What is a Net Zero Energy Home?

Belgravia Green Net-Zero Home

As the world moves toward more sustainable building and manufacturing processes, we are starting to enter a metaphoric “golden age” of sustainable construction. We aren’t going to get into the politics of it – frankly, that’s way outside our scope – but we thought we’d chime in on the value and capability offered by a […]

Grand Opening for the Belgravia Green Net Zero

Les Wold, Mayor Stephen Mandel, Jeanette Boman and MLA Kevin Taft cut ribbon at Belgravia Green Net Zero Opening Ceremony (above). The Grand Opening for the Belgravia Green Net Zero project was a big success. Nearly 1600 visitors came to see the net-zero energy home and ask questions.

Solar-Electric System Installed on Belgravia Green Net Zero Show Home!

Les Wold sits on Edmonton’s newest and 2nd largest residential solar-electric system as the final modules are installed. This 58-module system is designed to generate all of the house’s net electricity and heating energy over the year. All the little silver boxes mounted onto the rails are micro-inverters — each solar-electric module feeds its own […]