Does Your Sump Pump Have a Backup?

Protect Your Basement!

Most homes have a drainage system around the perimeter of the basement. This continuous pipe collects water that drains through the ground above and allows it to flow to a collection reservoir known as the sump. Without this system, water will accumulate outside of the basement walls, placing constant pressure, looking for a way to seep in, causing both building durability and human health concerns.

The final safeguard in this system is the Sump Pump. This unit empties the sump reservoir either outdoors to drain away, or into a municipal storm water drain. If this unit fails to remove the water, the sump can overflow, leading to basement flooding. Unfortunately, homeowners are usually only aware of a problem after it’s too late, when they realize that their basement floor is wet.

What Causes Sump Pumps to fail?

• Electricity is disrupted.
• Pump switch fails to activate.
• Pump is overwhelmed with too much water.
• Pump’s service life is overextended and dies.

As long as the pump works properly, all is well. Here’s the problem… Just when you need the pump the most (like in the heavy downpour of a severe thunderstorm), is the exact same time when there’s the biggest chance of electrical power failure.

How do I protect myself?

Fortunately, there’s a great solution for electricity disruptions, the Battery Backup Sump Pump. A battery backup sump pump is not a battery that’s hooked up to your regular pump, rather a separate system that runs on DC battery power, that has been charging on Standby, waiting for the time when it’s needed. This pump has its own float switch that activates once the sump water level is high enough to indicate that the primary pump is not operating. We have found The Basement Watchdog to be an effective solution.

What else can I do for protection?

Most home security systems offer a water sensor that placed near the sump. This sensor is activated once any moisture is detected, sending a signal to the main system, which then notifies the homeowner. We recommend a security system with cellular back-up, which operates even when there is a power failure.

Another important thing to do is ensure pump replacement is a part of your home maintenance plan. The recommended life cycle of sump pumps is 7-10 years.

A dry basement is VERY important to keep out mould, fungi, and mildew, which not only cause damage to the home, but also are serious health risks. Protect your basement and your peace of mind by installing a Battery Backup System in your existing sump.

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