Enhanced Home Protection



Protect your new home from possible damage with water leak detection, sump pump backup and power surge detection.

Water leak detection system

Should a leak occur anywhere in the water supply system, water leak detection systems protect your home from water damage by automatically shutting off the water supply.

Mounted on the main water line, this system continually monitors the pressure and flow of water in the pipes. Because all fixtures have a pressure “signature”, the system will detect any anomalies and can identify what is a leak, a drip, or just normal operation.

The device is connected through the home’s WIFI network, allowing the system to notify you should an “event” occur.

Sump battery back up and alarm

The sump pump is key to keeping a basement dry. Unfortunately, sump pumps can fail and in those instances, a battery backup sump pump can be a basement (and sanity) saver.

Whole home surge protection

A Surge Protection Device (SPD) protects the complete electrical system from power surges from electrical grid and in-home devices.

Most power surges are actually from devices that are used within your home. They are generally mini-surges without immediate impact, but over time they can and will damage circuit boards in appliances and electronics.

A SPD blocks the surge shock at the breaker panel, protecting your entire electrical system and anything connected to it.

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