Enjoy First Taste of Net Zero Living at Eco-Solar Tour this Weekend

The 18th annual Eco-Solar Home Tour is this weekend (June 3 and 4) in Edmonton. Join us at the Belgravia Green Net Zero Energy Home located at 11536-74 Avenue on Sunday June 4th from noon to 4pm for a taste of net zero living!


How do you create promotional materials for a net-zero home and make sure those materials live up to the same standards? You make them out of material that can give off some energy to those who consume it.

That’s the solution the creative problem solvers at Effect Home Builders came up with in partnership with their marketing partner, ZGM. It’s an edible brochure that gives off 120 calories of energy when you eat it. “It kinda tastes like marshmallow,” says Les Wold, one of the managing partners of Effect Home Builders, “But really, like everything we do, it’s about a way of living.” Effect Home Builders are creative living solution providers who believe if you aren’t living exactly the way you want to, that’s a problem. “Life’s too important not to live it right,” continues Les, “Too often, either the way someone’s home looks or the way it functions and uses energy, holds them back from living aesthetically or philosophically the way they want.”

Effect Home Builders builds beautifully designed, extremely energy efficient custom living solutions in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. For a look at some of their work, check out the Belgravia Green home on the eco solar home tour in Edmonton this weekend (it has produced a surplus of energy for the last three years—no small feat in the northernmost major city in Canada). Find out details here:

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