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Financing and Investments

Each home we design and build is unique and the final cost of your home is dependant on many factors. The size and layout of your home has a significant impact on cost as well as the materials and finishes chosen.

As green builders, we strive to make our homes as energy efficient and sustainable as possible.

Better quality materials may cost more during the initial build, however they can result in significant savings in energy costs year-over-year. For example, our net-zero detached homes cost our home owners about 10% of what a typical homeowner would pay in Edmonton for electricity and heating. 

We build your one-of-a-kind, fully customized home using carefully handpicked materials that guarantee energy efficiency, long-term durability, and gorgeous functionality that lasts for generations.  

Our homeowners are covered through the Progressive Home Warranty Program. And our relationship doesn’t end when you move into your new home–we continue to support you well past the warranty deadlines. 

As infill home builders with a focus on sustainability, we love bringing diverse new homes and housing solutions to Edmonton’s vibrant communities.

While higher land value and the need to remove an existing structure can increase the overall cost of an infill build, this is often offset by the many advantages of building infill homes in an established neighbourhood.

Mature trees, proximity to the heart of the city and reducing urban sprawl are just a few reasons why people choose to build an infill home in Edmonton.

Net-zero homes in Edmonton

A Net Zero Energy home uses a combination of energy and thermal efficiency paired energy-generation and storage. The result is a home that produces as much energy as it consumes (annually).

In addition to using insulated wall systems and concrete form foundations, heat retaining windows and high-efficiency heating and cooling systems to make your home more energy efficient, net zero house builders can help you generate your own energy.

For more information, please read What is a Net-Zero Energy Home?

Finding the right location is one of the most important considerations when building a net zero house in Edmonton.

First to consider: does the site have solar access? Preferably the building site is free of obstructions such as trees, neighbouring buildings or homes that could interfere with solar access.

We can generally fix any problem with a customized approach. Although a property with a south-facing front or back is preferable, we use creative design solutions to optimize each net-zero home, regardless of lot orientation.

We do not have an inventory of land for sale; however, we are happy to assist you in finding the perfect location in Edmonton for your future custom house.

Solar Energy & Energy Efficient Homes

A photovoltaic (PV) system is composed of one or more solar panels combined with an inverter and other electrical and mechanical hardware that convert energy from the sun into electricity.

Optimizing energy from the sun is key when designing sustainable, net zero homes. Solar panels are typically installed on the roof of the home and/or garage. The solar panels captures the solar energy and convert it into DC electricity.

The remaining components of the PV system convert the DC electricity so that it can be used by your home, tracking and storing the energy as needed.

A residential solar array will typically cost anywhere from $10,000 to $30,000 and beyond, depending on the size and goals of the system.

The solar PV systems used by Effect Homes include a 25-year solar module production warranty, 10 – 25 year inverter warranty, as well as a 5-year installation warranty.

Most solar PV systems will last as long as 25 – 30 years.  Many of the first solar PV systems installed over 30 years ago are still going strong today.

Effect Homes Projects

We take on unique projects that are a good fit for our core strengths: energy efficiency, world-class design, cutting-edge technology and end-to-end customization.

We focus on high value, personalized new home build and major renovation projects that involve creative design and use sustainable building practices.

Yes, Effect does major renovations and deep energy retrofits of existing homes and new builds.

With a focus on personalized homes, Effect does not currently offer pre-set floor plans.

All of our homes are built to a better standard; however, collaboration is one of our core values. We listen to homeowner priorities and provide customized solutions that meet their goals.

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