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Green Options

Green Features/Benefits of an Effect Home Builders home

Research and new developments are improving home-building technology at a rapid pace – increasing the efficiency of how our homes use precious energy, water and material resources.

Effect Home Builders is dedicated to remaining a leader of environmentally friendly design by providing you with the latest, most practical green solutions. As both a Built Green and an R2000 certified builder, the Effect Home Builders design and construction team have the qualifications and experience to identify, select, and implement an integrated system of green building measures.

Building Envelope

Solar Heating and Lighting

Water Conservation

Heating & Ventilation Systems

Recycled Materials

Preserving Natural Beauty

Energy Efficiency

Local Materials

Healthy Homes

Building Envelope

Insulating Concrete Form (ICF) Wall Construction

  • Efficient – nearly twice the insulation value as standard wood framing
  • Quiet – significant noise reduction
  • Stronger – rated to withstand severe weather conditions
  • Longevity – far exceeds life expectancy of a standard home

Double Stud Wood Framed Wall Construction

  • Very high levels of insulation (R-30 to R-60)
  • Minimizes thermal bridging (heat transfer common in standard wood construction)
  • Flexible wall thickness (walls can range from 10″ to 16″ thick)
  • Cost effective

EnerGard Wall System

  • Made with engineered wood and expanded polystyrene
  • Insulation value of R-42
  • Structural engineered wood columns coated with Pink Wood, a non-toxic coating which make the columns fire resistant, water resistant, and mould-free

Exterior Rigid Insulation

  • Adding a layer of rigid board insulation over wood-framed walls increases R-Value and minimizes thermal bridging

Spray Foam

  • Using foam insulation in wall cavities increases air-tightness and offers higher insulation values

ENERGY STAR® Qualified Triple-Paned Windows

  • Reduce energy costs
  • Help keep your home comfortable all year-round
  • Reduce outside noise
  • Help reduce condensation in cold weather
  • When properly installed reduce air leakage and improve overall house efficiency

Heavily Insulated Attic Spaces Using Cellulose Made From Recycled Materials

Extra Insulation Under Basement Slab Reduces Heat Loss

Solar Heating and Lighting

Solar Panels to Heat Domestic Hot Water

  • 2 solar collectors have the ability to heat up to 70% of the hot water needs for a family of three in Edmonton, reducing greenhouse gases by up to 2.72 Tonnes/year

South Facing Windows

  • Allow passive solar heating by capturing the warming rays from the winter sun

Natural Lighting

  • The Solatube Daylighting System is one of the most technologically advanced day lighting product available today. With breakthrough technology, design and materials, it provides an abundance of pure, clear natural light for any interior spaces.

Solar Power

  • Net metering is the process whereby individuals sell solar power back to the power company. Homeowners use the solar power generated on their rooftops to supply their own power needs, and sell the excess to local utilities. A meter hooked up to the homeowner’s system measures electricity going both ways – power coming in from conventional power utilities, i.e. oil or coal, and solar power being generated from the home. So during the hottest, brightest part of the day, solar arrays can pump electricity back into the grid, spin the electric meter backward and lower electricity bills. Net metering is available in Alberta.

Water Conservation

Low Flow Toilets

  • Reduce flush volumes in single-family dwellings
    Flushing toilets accounts for 35% of household water usage

Waterless Urinals

  • Are capable of saving thousands of liters of water per year and eliminating water and sewer costs normally incurred by toilets

Restricted Flow Shower Heads and Faucets

  • Can reduce water use by 20% to 40%
  • Rain and Snowmelt Harvesting Systems
  • Simple as rain barrels or an advanced rain collection system
    Decrease water bills

Grey Water Recycling

  • Using “Grey Water” from showers and taps in the toilets can save money on water bills, while helping the environment. The City of Edmonton currently does not permit grey water recycling but we anticipate it will be available in the near future. A house can be made grey water ready with minimal time and effort.

Heating & Ventilation Systems

High Efficient Boiler System for Heating

  • 97% efficient modulating condensing boiler provides the heat source (hot water) for radiant in-floor heating, blower coil forced air heating systems, and indirect domestic hot water tanks

On-Demand hot water system

  • Tankless water heaters can provide an instant, endless supply of hot water
  • These systems function on an on-demand basis and do not require a holding tank to store pre-warmed water
  • In addition to saving valuable space these systems are also extremely efficient and can save significant heating costs

Radiant In Floor Heating

  • Transfers warmth from the floor directly to your body in addition to heating the air around you. The result is a comfortable, cost effective, energy efficient heating method. Warm water circulating through durable plastic safely embedded in the concrete floor evenly distributes warmth throughout the home.

Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems

  • Heat pumps collect and transfer heat from the earth through buried pipes running to a building, where the heat is then concentrated for inside use. Ground-source heat pumps do not create heat through combustion – they simply move heat from one place to another and take advantage of the earth’s energy.

High Efficient Forced Air Furnace

  • Up to 98% efficient
  • Variable speed air delivery using ECM delivers the right amount of heat

High Efficient Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) system

  • Exhausts stale, polluted air and replaces it with an equal quantity of fresh clean air. The exhausting air preheats the incoming fresh air to conserve valuable heat energy so the heat stays in the house.

High Efficient Fireplaces

  • Serve as an efficient heating method while creating a cozy atmosphere

Recycled Materials

Recycled Content

  • Choosing materials and products made from recycled content reduces the need and energy to extract new materials. They are resource efficient and produce less waste than typical products and usually have a long life cycle, requiring less maintenance.

Recycling Program

  • Each jobsite has designated recycle bins to capture all scrap wood, drywall and cardboard, diverting well over 50% of construction waste from the landfill.

Preserving Natural Beauty

Preserving mature trees and complimenting them with natural landscapes and native species requires less watering and attention while keeping the natural beauty.

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficient Appliances

  • Energy Star rated appliances are highly recommended – a new refrigerator, for example, uses 40% less energy than a model produced before 1993

Energy Efficient Lighting

  • White-light LED lighting products, with proper design and use, can last at least 25 000 hours (or 22 years based on average household use). This is over 2.5 times longer than compact fluorescent light bulbs, offer better performance in cold temperatures, are unaffected by turning them on and off frequently, do not require any warm-up time (instant on) and do not contain mercury or lead

Energy Recovery Devices

  • Devices such as the WaterCycle can be incorporated, which transfers energy from warm waste water to incoming cold water, which in turn supplies the hot water heater. This device consumes no energy, reduces carbon emissions, has no moving parts and is maintenance free.

Programmable Thermostats

  • A great and inexpensive way to lower home heating bill is to install a programmable setback thermostat to automatically raise and lower the temperature based on your routine
  • Save up to 3%-4% on your heating costs by turning your thermostat down 3°C for at least eight hours every day

Local Materials

The use of local materials is encouraged, thereby reducing transportation costs and stimulating the local economy.

Healthy Homes

From start to finish, every detail of an Effect home is made with you and your health in mind. A healthy home is more than just optimal air quality and water conservation, it’s about building a durable home that coexists with its natural surroundings in a safe and sustainable way for years to come.

We take a number of precautions to ensure your home is healthy, starting with safe indoor air quality. Our team will perform a number of assessments and tests to check your air quality, including an IAQ (indoor air quality) Assessment and radon testing. Effect Homes ensures that pollutants, VOCs (unhealthy vapours often found in new homes), toxins – and even mould spores don’t have the opportunity to harm or infect homeowners and their loved ones. Every Effect Home is given the IAQ Assessment and radon test to ensure clean air quality and safety.