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We Build Custom Homes That Give As Much As They Receive

All homes require energy, especially in Edmonton’s cold winter temperatures. Our homes are designed and built to thrive in our climate. By integrating the latest innovations in home energy efficiency and generation, we are able to build homes that produce as much energy as they consume.

Our homes are simply more efficient, which is better for you and for the environment.

Energy Efficient Homes Without Compromise

Introducing the Belgravia Green, a Net Zero Energy Home that offers the latest in both design and technology. The Belgravia Green utilizes energy and thermal efficiency techniques, such as insulating concrete form systems and passive solar heating, and pairs them with solar energy generation.

These homes are built to exacting standards and detail. Learn more about the technology in our net zero homes.

Effect Home Builders, Certified by the Mike Holmes Approved Homes Initiative

Effect Home Builders is proud to be certified by Mike Holmes’ Holmes Approved Homes initiative. This partnership certifies that we use only the best techniques, practices and technologies in our homes, and that each home we build undergoes a series of home inspections, including full reviews approved by Mike Holmes-certified inspectors.

Enjoy excellent quality of build, verified by third-party professionals.

The Custom Home Building Process

The Custom Home Building Process is Engaging, Fun, & Rewarding

Each home we build is custom made for its owner. Your home will come to life as we plan and design it together. By the time we’re done, we’ll have created a home that will leave a lasting impression on your life.

Step One - Consultation

It all starts with a phone call or e-mail. Get in touch with us.

During your initial consultation we will assess your needs and discuss what you’re looking for in your home. More than a list of features and amenities, we use this time to get to know your tastes and style.

When the consultation is completed, we will sign the necessary agreements and begin the design phase.

Step Two - Designing Your Home

You will work closely with our design team, where the look of your home comes to life. From architectural styles to interior finishings, our design team inspires and helps bring your vision to life.

Designs are presented as sketches and 3D renderings. When the overall design is approved, our team works closely with you to provide the specifications for the home.

Step Three - Construction

Our team gets to work!

Construction schedule is closely managed, involving many vetted and specialized sub-trades. In addition to standard inspections, Mike Holmes Inspections are performed at preset milestones to ensure quality and provide you with peace of mind. Meticulous detail is poured into the fit and finish of the home as well as a constant focus on energy performance.

Your new home is coming to life.

Step Four - Final Inspection & Move In

When construction is completed, we perform a final inspection where we rectify any deficiencies in the build quality of the home. Prior to delivery, we work to ensure that we hand the keys to a beautiful, brand-new home that is move-in ready.


Our Workmanship is Backed By the National Home Warranty Program

New homes built by Effect Home Builders Ltd. are protected by 2-5-10 home warranty insurance, as set out by the New Home Buyer Protection Act of AB. Our warranty insurance includes the following coverages:

2 years’ coverage on labour and materials as follows:

  • 12 months’ coverage for defects in material and labour
  • 24 months’ coverage for defects in material and labour for delivery and distribution systems (heating, electrical, plumbing, etc.)
  • 5 years’ coverage for defects in the building envelope.
  • 10 years’ coverage for structural defects

This statutory protection is widely recognized as one of the strongest and most effective home warranty standards in Canada.

Belgravia Green

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The Prairie Lookout

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Emerson House

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