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All homes require energy, especially in Edmonton’s cold winter temperatures. Our homes are designed and built to thrive in our climate. By integrating the latest innovations in home energy efficiency and generation, we are able to build homes that produce as much energy as they consume.

Our homes are simply more efficient, which is better for you and for the environment.

How we work


We start every conversation with the basics: what kind of project do you want to build? The consultation stage lets us make a plan for your project— establishing what your design and energy goals are, and if there are any specific elements you want incorporated into your design (i.e., any special-use rooms, flex design, etc.). Next, we look at where we are building, what opportunities or challenges your lot presents, then schedules and budget. The consultation helps us make sure we are the right builder for you, that we can achieve your vision with the available resources—because building your dream home should be the best possible experience for you.

Architectural Design

This is where your custom home starts to become reality! We begin working with the architectural designer (AD) to bring your custom home to life. We create floor plans that achieve your vision, and let you add your personal touch to the exterior facade. We work with you and the AD throughout the design to ensure budget, quality and technical components are consistently and appropriately applied. The design phase ends with drawings that are ready to be engineered and transformed into the construction documents we will use for permitting and building.

Construction Contract

We are ready to build! You review the detailed construction, design and cost specifications for your new home, we explain the building process and what you can expect as we move through each construction phase. We give you a Construction Guide—a binder with project details and specifications, info sheets, contact information and other general information. Then you meet the Effect team members that are building your new home and become acquainted with our safety program that keeps you safe on site.

Interior Design

Once your drawings are complete, you work with our interior designer to make selections and see 3D renderings for the interior and exterior of your home that help you visualize the final product. Every home is different, and our designer takes a unique approach to each one we build. During this stage, we work in the background to compile a detailed estimate. By the time you are done working with the interior designer, we will know exactly what your home will cost. We also secure all required permits, so when you are done selections we will be ready to build!


We begin building! Grab your hard hat and watch the excavator prepare the site for your custom home. Weekly updates from your project manager and scheduled site visits keep you informed through the whole build. No plan is perfect—we are happy to accommodate changes you may want as construction gets under way. Your project manager will share costs and details for any change, so that your decisions are easy. Mike Holmes inspections are performed throughout the build, so our work consistently meets our standards and your expectations.

Possession, Education & Warranty

Time to move in! After walkthroughs with your site supervisor, we make sure your home is ready for you to settle in. We walk you through each mechanical component of your home so you learn how to operate and maintain each system. You receive a Homeowners Guide with operation manuals, warranty documents and an Effect cheat sheet for your mechanical systems. Next, you meet your Effect warranty representative, who explains the warranty process, what you can expect in first year of living in your new home, and how Effect will continue to support you well past the warranty deadlines.

Holmes Approved

Effect Home Builders is proud to be certified by Mike Holmes’ Holmes Approved Homes initiative. This partnership certifies that we use only the best techniques, practices and technologies in our homes, and that each home we build undergoes a series of home inspections, including full reviews approved by Mike Holmes-certified inspectors.

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We pride ourselves on designing homes using the latest environmentally friendly technology. See how your new home or renovation can use energy more efficiently.

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