Our Home Building Process


Designing your dream home

Your once-in-a-lifetime home deserves a customized, no-compromise approach. YOU deserve beautiful, intentionally-designed spaces that you feel good living in. 

That’s where Effect Home Builders comes in. We build your one-of-a-kind, fully customized home using carefully handpicked materials that guarantee energy efficiency, long-term durability, and gorgeous functionality that lasts for generations. 

Read on to see how we bring your dream home to life, from the very first planning stages through to your move-in day.



Every conversation starts with the basics: what kind of project do you want to build? What problems can we help you solve? How can your new home make life easier? 

We want to hear from you. We want to help you find the right location for your project, establish design and sustainability goals, and guide you to a plan that works with available resources. And we want to make sure that we are the right builder for you.



The introduction is all about ideas. When we enter the concept phase, these ideas start to become reality. Our in-house design team creates floor plans and exterior models to bring your custom home to life.

Through this process, we continue to learn more about the specifics of your vision for the project. These discussions inform the design, and we ensure that expectations for budget, quality standards, and technical components are set.

The concept phase is complete when you are satisfied with the design direction, and decisions about room relationships, program, and overall shape and style have been made.

We also provide a preliminary estimate that will serve as a guideline for the later stages of documentation and construction.



It’s now time to complete the concept with the interior designer. They will guide you based on your style, priorities and budget. 

The interior is where your personality and preference can really stand out. The architectural phase has a greater focus on the Effect standards for construction and performance, but the space you live in must be specific to you and how you want to feel and function. During this stage, we further refine the architectural concept to maintain a cohesive design, and update expectations for budget. 

Once your work with the interior designer is complete, we have a complete vision of the project to be constructed. We are ready for the documentation stage of the project.



A custom home is like no other existing home. It requires a new set of instructions to be successfully constructed.

We take the design concept and create construction drawings and comprehensive specifications to accurately describe the building, and work with you to make sure every detail is accounted for. 

We coordinate with engineers, consultants, suppliers and trades to provide the documents needed for permits. We gather quotes and secure materials, and build an accurate budget for the scope of work to be completed.

The work we put in before the start of construction is worth it. We want the construction process to be as enjoyable as possible, and we want you to have a full understanding of the house you are getting.

There is a lot to review, but we have construction software that allows you to follow along with every step. Your construction phase will only start when you are comfortable with the decisions you have made.



We begin building! Grab your hard hat and watch the excavator prepare the site for your custom home. Weekly updates from your project manager and scheduled site visits keep you informed through the whole build.

No plan is perfect—we are happy to accommodate changes you may want as construction gets under way. Your project manager will share costs and details for any change, so that your decisions are easy. 



Time to move in! After walkthroughs with your site supervisor, we make sure your home is ready for you to settle in.

We walk you through each mechanical component of your home so you learn how to operate and maintain each system. You receive a Homeowners Guide with operation manuals, warranty documents and an Effect cheat sheet for your mechanical systems.

Next, you meet your Effect warranty representative, who explains the warranty process, what you can expect in first year of living in your new home, and how Effect will continue to support you well past the warranty deadlines.

Built for your life. Without compromise.

When it comes to building your dream home, why settle? You should have it all. Energy efficiency, world-class design, cutting-edge technology, end-to-end customization. Our homes are engineered to last beyond your lifetime. 


8819 92 St. NW
Edmonton, AB T6C 3P9






8819 92 St. NW
Edmonton, AB T6C 3P9