New Office Building Deep Energy Retrofit

Is the grass greener on the other side? In this case, yes!

We’ve purchased the neighbouring lot to our current office and starting a deep energy retrofit of the building to create our newer, greener office space! Our renovation will turn this old apartment building into one of the most energy-efficient workplaces in Edmonton.

Before Photos

92nd street and 88th avenue in Bonnie Doon will soon be disconnected from the electrical grid and our team at Effect Home Builders won’t be paying any electrical utility fees anymore! A photovoltaic solar array system (PV) will be the alternative energy providing power to the building. Passersby will notice the solar panels placed on the roof of the building.

A Micro Combined Heat Power (mCHP) unit will provide the heat for the building.  This extremely efficient engine has dual purpose in that whenever it runs to produce heat, it generates electricity at the same time.  The electricity produced by the mCHP and the PV solar system will be stored in a battery bank for surge loads and for off-production times.

Another one of our goals with this retrofit is to drastically lower greenhouse gas emissions.  Using a balance between the low carbon energy system and the PV Array system, this office building will contribute the fewest overall greenhouse gas emissions compared to any other mechanical system. To further reduce emissions the building envelope is extremely well insulated and virtually air tight.

Rendition Photos

We’re extremely excited about this project and would love to show you why the grass is greener on the other side! We will be opening up the building for everyone to see while under construction on the Eco Solar Home Tour on Saturday June 2nd. More details will follow on our web and social sites in the near future.

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