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Balancing lifestyle and the environment without compromising authentic Craftsman style




2565 sq.ft.


  • Built Green Platinum
  • Energuide Rating: 86
  • Insulated concrete form (ICF) foundation
  • Double stud wall construction
  • Highly efficient boiler system
  • Heat recovery ventilation system

Built Better

  • Building Envelope
  • Heating Systems
  • Reducing Environmental Footprint
  • Healthy Homes


The Plan

Delightful homeowners wanted their cake – and eat it too. Long term residents of the location, they desired a new home optimized for the location, their lifestyle and easy on the environment. A big question mark was around what to do with the original house that still had some life in it. It was also very important to create an authentic Craftsman home that would add character to their neighbourhood they had loved for so many years.

The Build

With careful coordination, the original home was saved and given a second life in a new location. This diverted unnecessary waste from the landfill and freed up room to build a stunning, energy efficient home in its place. 

Working from home was a major part of the homeowners routine so a main floor work area with scenic views was incorporated into the design. Cabinetry and storage were used to create a “library” feel to the space without changing the atmosphere of the home’s traditional character.

The home’s full effect isn’t realized until the hidden features are revealed. The high performance building envelope is extremely air-tight (with less than one air change per hour) and very well insulated, which creates a comfortable, quiet living environment.

We enjoyed the build process with Effect and would do it again. We have a fantastic house!


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