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  • 3518 sq.ft. two and a half storey
  • Built Green Platinum
  • Energuide rating: 89
  • Foundation walls 8” ICF
  • Exterior wall construction: double stud wall with blown-in cellulose (R42)
  • Heating system: Geothermal

Because the Federal style of architecture pre-dates Prairie development, it’s rare to see this form of home in the West, making it a privilege to see this example of historic design.  Prominent details of this style are seen in all aspects from the catches on the exterior shutters to the symmetry of the stacked windows.  This theme is strictly followed as you enter the home.  The plan layout of the common areas, bedrooms, and bathrooms was borrowed from what is normally seen in Federal architecture, featuring interior finishing that matches this intent.  Where we see some departure is in the basement where some modern and practical requirements are met.  A modern fitness space, music room, and children’s classroom find their place in this area.  Also, a basement level garage for landscaping equipment, workshop, and storage resides under the ground level space.  Other modern features reside in the Mechanical Room.  The geothermal heating system that distributes zoned heating offers the utmost in high-efficient heating and the whole house ventilation is achieved via the heat recovery ventilator.  The home achieves ultra-efficiency when these components are combined with the high-performance triple-glazed windows, high insulation levels in the walls and attic, and air-tightness of the building envelope, making the home a seamless integration of historic style with the modern need for the conservation of energy.

Featured in Best Home Magazine