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  • 1540 sq.ft. bungalow in a contemporary style
  • Net Zero Energy Home
  • CHBA National Green Home Award
  • CHBA Provincial Green Home Award
  • Sustainable Award - American Concrete Association
  • Foundation walls: 8” insulating concrete forms (ICF)
  • Exterior wall construction: Nascor (Energard) walls (R48)
  • Heating system: Air source heat pump, with passive solar and supplementary wood-burning stove.
  • Structural concrete floor

The ultimate performer in a project that includes three custom homes, the Belgravia Green achieves the coveted Net Zero Energy status.  A Net Zero Energy home is one that produces as much energy as it consumes, meaning that optimizing all components for low energy use is critical.  This low energy use is then countered by a photovoltaic solar array that generates the energy needed for the home and its occupants.  The contemporary design allows the array to blend in, setting it back from the forefront to allow other architectural features to dominate.  An upper patio offers an additional entertaining area, with full view of the park space that’s just across the street.  Through the wall of windows, solar energy enters the home, captured and released by the mass of the decorative polished concrete floors and dark concrete countertops, providing one third of the home’s heat energy requirements.  The abundance of light not only reduces artificial lighting requirements but also highlights the warmth of the quarter-sawn oak cabinets and solid fir staircase.  A winner of awards from multiple organizations proves that care in planning can take the importance of reducing ecological impact and blend it with the warm atmosphere of pleasurable design.