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Littlehorn Garden Suite

Big impact created in a small space

Beautiful backyard accommodation that packs a whole lot of environmental and social benefits into 504 square feet.




504 sq.ft.


  • Holmes Approved Home
  • Increased insulation in exterior walls
  • Triple pane, Low-E windows filled with argon gas

Built Better

  • Reducing Environmental Footprint
  • Building Envelope

The Plan

Garden Suites are a form of infill housing that offer social, environmental, and economic benefits to owners, renters, and the city as a whole! They can be used as a retreat, extra space for guests, accommodation for a caregiver or a parent (while providing privacy and elements of independence), or as a rental opportunity.  With new city bylaws in place, they can be built on almost every single-family residential lot in Edmonton and are becoming increasingly popular in cities across North America.

In the context of building a new house, – see our Littlehorn house case study, the Littlehorn owners wanted a portion of their backyard to be used for a garden suite above the garage. Constructing the garden suite at the same time as the house meant that it could be done more cost effectively.  The owners, while looking to generate some additional income, appreciated that developments such as this help alleviate urban sprawl and offer the community and prospective renters functional and affordable housing solutions.

By developing the suite over the garage, this provided to the owners and the occupants of the suite a bit of distance from each other and each were able to enjoy their separate and secure space.  Access to the suite is from the outside of the garage which means the renter is independent from the owner with their own designated access. In terms of the suite design itself, the objective was to maximize every inch of the smaller space to create an inviting and bright suite for an occupant, that would offer minimal upkeep for the owners.

The Build

We needed to think big in a small space, as we were creating the suite above a two-car garage. Every square foot was utilized to create a thoughtful floor plan with efficient storage. We made sure to include as many windows as we could for ample natural light and airiness. Durable finishes and materials were used in every aspect of this suite so that maintenance is reduced.  This meant that with lower maintenance cost, the suite can be a long-lasting income property for its owners.

Occupants of the suite can enjoy a well-thought out design that provides extra space for a home office and an in-suite laundry. Plus, the suite’s owners can find peace of mind knowing that their apartment ticks the boxes for energy efficiency with increased insulation, and triple pane windows filled with argon gas.

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