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Better building materials for a long term solution

Ultra-efficient multi-family home replaces eyesore and adds character to mature neighbourhood.




3200 sq.ft.


Built Better

  • Building Envelope
  • Solar Electric Systems (Photovoltaic)
  • Reducing Environmental Footprint

The Plan

A dilapidated single family home needed to be replaced with a forward-thinking solution. The challenge was to preserve the character of a mature neighbourhood while optimizing a prime location.

Goals were to increase density, improve curb appeal and reduce the environmental footprint – all to be done within existing development rules.

The Build

Subtle details make this home feel much more elegant than a typical multi-family home. The tasteful interior materials convey a sophisticated quality.   

Front entrances that face different directions eliminate the look of a multi-family dwelling while offering additional privacy.

The high performance building envelope and heating/ventilation system offer exceptional warmth and quietness while dramatically reducing heating costs.

Photovoltaic solar modules, highly durable exterior finishing products, and a location near schools and public rapid transit all combine to decrease costs for electricity, long-term maintenance, and transportation.

A wonderful addition to an established neighbourhood that is built for comfort and performance.

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