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  • 3200 sq.ft. duplex
  • Built Green Platinum
  • Energuide rating: 86
  • Foundation walls: 6” ICF
  • Exterior wall construction: double stud wall with blown-in cellulose (R40)
  • Heating system: High efficiency forced air furnace with HRV.

Subtle details make this home feel much more elegant than a typical multi-family home. Front entrances facing different directions eliminate the normal “duplex” look; the thick, heavily insulated outside walls and triple-glazed windows offer uncommon warmth and quietness; and the selective uses of tasteful interior materials convey a sophisticated quality. This home also offers reduced a cost of ownership, which is often an important consideration in the multi-family market. Because of the high performance specifications of the windows, insulation, and heating/ventilation system, heating costs are dramatically cut. Other features including photovoltaic solar modules, highly durable exterior finishing products, and a location near schools and public rapid transit all combine to decrease costs for electricity, long-term maintenance, and transportation.