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The Prairie Lookout

A standout for striking design

The asymmetrical design and the clean lines of this modern home make a bold impact on its surroundings.




2,089 sq.ft.


  • Exterior
  • Heating
  • Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV)
  • Insulated Concrete Form foundation walls
  • Spray foamed exterior wall construction (R28)

Built Better

  • Building Envelope

The Plan

The objective was to design and build a stylish sanctuary nestled within a thickly forested ravine edge. A dramatically sloped roof would create a highly modernized exterior and allow for additional light to pool into the house throughout the day despite the heavily treed surroundings. The surrounding trees made it seem to the owners that what they were really building was a “tree-house”, more connected with the trees above than the ground below. The eye-catching peak of this home while beautiful, at the time of the build was one of our most challenging architectural designs and easily still one of our favourites!

The Build

The roof height and slope made it very difficult to accommodate drainage, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems, plumbing and fireplace venting as there are virtually no interior walls on the main floor. To make it work, our production and design team worked very closely with our competent trades to determine creative solutions to hide piping without creating bulkheads which might have negatively affected the clean, crisp interior lines. Due to its innovative design, close collaboration with the owners and contractors was important in order to find collective solutions that eliminated re-work and time loss.

The ravine location itself posed some soil and safety challenges, so it was necessary to pay special attention to soil testing results and ensure sturdy footings and foundation walls would allow the home to safely sit as close to the ravine as possible. The result was an open concept, modern home with an ambitious exterior that never fails to grab a passerby’s attention!


The exterior conveys a perfect blend of materials, texture, and colour which showcase the home’s style and echo its natural surroundings. The clean and neat interior allows the richness of wood and the colours of accessories to make a bold and pleasurable visual impact.

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