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  • 2950 sq.ft. two storey
  • Built Green Platinum
  • Energuide rating: 86
  • Foundation walls: 6” ICF
  • Exterior wall construction: 12” double stud
  • Heating system: Hybrid boiler/fancoil c/w solar domestic hot water system

Visual art is engrained in all parts of this home designed for aging-in-place.   The front yard sculpture, which was carefully preserved throughout construction of the home, is the first indication of more art to come once the home is entered.  The homeowner-designed stainless steel grid front entry wall is itself a work of art which often displays various paintings that were created within the art studio that resides on the second floor.  This studio, accessible by stairs or elevator, opens to a balcony which provides a space for work or inspiration.  The shape and flow of the kitchen island is also designed to breathe artistic movement. In order to meet environmental goals, an integrated solar thermal system was installed to provide hot water, while the high insulation levels, stringent air-tightness details, and high-performance boiler heating system ensure minimal energy use.

Featured in Edmonton Journal: Home carved with light and love