10 Tips For Selecting The Right Home Builders

10 Tips For Selecting the Right Home Builders

The decision the build a house is a big decision, especially when compared to buying a per-existing home! It takes a lot of work, dedication and planning, but it also has many advantages. Thankfully, if you find a team of professional home builders you can build the one you want.

Let us discuss 10 tips that can be used to select the right home builder!

Tip 1: Create a Check List. Before you talk to your first builder, come up with a list of questions you will use to help you determine the right builders for you. For example, how much experience do they have? Can they show you a handful of completed projects? Are there any clients you can speak with? Are there any issues with the lot you plan to build on?

Tip 2: Ask for Referrals. Avoid selecting a builder only based on an advertisement or from a home show. Instead, ask around among friends and family for great recommendations. It’s during these candid conversations that you will tend to weed out the best from the rest.

Tip 3: Think Beyond the Bid. You should not select your builder based on their bid alone. Price is not equal to quality. The highest priced bid might be charging too much for labor or upgrades that other builders have standardized. Make your decision based on multiple factors, price being just one of them.

Tip 4: Work with a Lawyer. Once you have selected your home builders, have a lawyer review the contract for you to ensure everything looks status quo. The money you spend on a lawyer could save you tens of or even hundreds of thousands later on. Not to mention potential endless headaches!

Tip 5: Be Conservative. It is a bad idea to have the largest home on the block. Look around the neighborhood where you plan to build to get a sense on what others have done and aim to be conservative within that range. This will help ensure you get your money back when it comes time to sell.

Tip 6: Hire Locally. Building a home can be a long process and you should be hands-on with your home builders. You want to hire someone who is close enough to the project to check on it regularly and one that can meet with you in person whenever needed. This means hiring a local builder is the only way to go.

Tip 7: Think Ahead. If you are building a new home, chances are you will be there for a while. Make sure you build a home that will suit you in years ahead. For example, if you have young children, consider a toy room that could one day convert easily to an extra bedroom.

Tip 8: Don’t Be Trendy – Avoid getting caught up in short-term trends. This may end up dating your home much sooner than later. Instead, consider building with classic features that have been time-tested.

Tip 9: Consider Advances in Technology. Do not get carried away with technology since it is constantly changes but do consider how today’s and tomorrow’s technology will impact your living spaces. For example, DVD players and disks will be a thing of the past in just a few more years so do not invest a lot of money in expensive built-in entertainment centers. All of your media can already be delivered over the Internet eliminating the need for space dedicated to many electronic devices. Focus your efforts on working with your home builders to get the house created before you invest in furnishings!

Tip 10: Check before you start digging – make sure this is the area where you really want to be! If you have kids, can you imagine them being happy? Do you have a choice of schools nearby? Are there any shopping malls or grocery stores nearby? Will you be the first or last to build on the street? Take one last look to make sure this is the place before sending your home builders to task!

So there are our top 10 tips! If you’re looking for the best home builders Edmonton has to offer, check out our homes!

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